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Change: The Ultimate Catalyst Experience

posted Feb 21, 2011, 3:39 AM by Catalyst of UA&P   [ updated Feb 21, 2011, 6:44 AM ]

Being a Catalyst has been a truly rewarding experience - all relations and sugar-coated compliments aside. In the seven to eight months I have been with Catalyst, I have seen so much dedication to create a good change in our society, and not a lot of organizations have that. The willingness, the passion, the desire of the members of this organization have been enough for me to realize that in this time and age, there still are people - the youth, at that - who care for our society and its conditions enough to actually do something about it. This is something you never see everyday, and being a part of that group of people who desires to create a good change in our society, who desires nothing but to uphold a moral and good type of living in our nation (and eventually, who knows? It may even cross borders - it may even go as far as touching lives internationally. *wink) is such a very rewarding experience, and a blessing in itself. 

I can say that Catalyst is a group that everyone should emulate. I'm not saying that everyone should join Catalyst. I'm just asking everyone to BE a catalyst - a catalyst of change. Trust me, being a Catalyst is a very worthwhile experience. Not only do you get to contribute to change the society for the better. You also get to change yourself for the better. You would learn how to deal with things as you go along. You will gain friendship, love, charity... well, to put things simply, you will find a family in Catalyst. 

That is, so far, the major thing about Catalyst that has been really attractive for me. Catalyst is a family, everyone cares about everyone - both generally and more importantly, individually. I have experienced being offered a helping hand by members of Catalyst and I must say, it was very uplifting to know that when you think everyone's turned their backs on you, you still have a family in school whom you could turn to. Not only are they a catalyst of change to the society, but to every individual as well. Along the way, not only do they help people of our nation, but their own people, too. I say this with strong conviction, and in full honesty. If there was ever something about UA&P which I loved, am loving, and will love for the rest of my life, it will be Catalyst. Because aside from helping me, it also helps me to help others. (And in the long run, those others would eventually help more "others" as well.)

- Chai Ramos