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More than a Member

posted Feb 22, 2011, 6:17 AM by Catalyst of UA&P
Being a catalyst member is more than just being an org member in school. It goes beyond the thought for the sake of having an extra- curricular activity after school. It is beyond of having meetings during lunchtimes and after class. It is beyond for the sake of having something to do. Every simple thing we do in Catalyst is beyond our self satisfaction in helping others. It is beyond in giving hefty or simple donations. It is beyond in making others happy or helping them to feel good. It is beyond what we think we had accomplished. “We change lives”. Changing hearts and lives in a positive way cannot be express by words; it is unquantifiable to measure what the heart feels. It is unquantifiable to measure love. I believe we are human because we care, we love, we feel. I believe that we are stewards of change. I believe that being a Catalyst member is beyond by just being a Catalyst member.
Mikey Ramos