September 28, 2011
YOUTH UNITED FOR THE PHILIPPINES (YUP!) LAUNCHING                                     

September 8, 2011
ENGLISH FAIR FOR A DELIGHTFUL SHARE  II (ENGLISH FAIR WITH 200 SAN         JOAQUIN KIDS)                                                                                                                  

August 20, 2011
2ND MEDICAL MISSION FOR AUXILIARY, STAFF, FAMILIES   2011                           

June 27, 2011
WEST'S SIDE OF THE STORY: THEOLOGY OF THE BODY                                            

"West's Side of the Story: Theology of the Body" was the lecture of Mr. Christopher West at the University of Asia and the Pacific last June 27, 2011. The speaker is a famous expert on the “Theology of the Body” of Blessed John Paul II. His presentation touched on the most urgent issues that the country is facing today: sacredness of life, marriage and family, etc. The main talk was held at the Li Seng Giap Auditorium, with simultaneous live feed in two other venues: Telengtan Hall and PLDT Hall. More than 900 people attended this conference with students coming from various schools in Metro Manila. Mr. West is described as “probably the most sought-after speaker in the Catholic Church today”. He gave a very passionate presentation on the importance of respecting the human body, being inseparably united to man’s very nature and dignity.

February 27, 2011
REAL LOVE REVOLUTION: JASON EVERT AT SMX                                                        

“Real Love Revolution: Jason Evert at SMX” was the biggest project of CATALYST for School Year 2010 – 2011. It was a pro-life and “real love” convention that featured Mr. Jason Evert, a famous chastity speaker in the United States. The said conference happened last February 27, 2011 (Sunday) at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia (Pasay City). According to estimates, more than 8,000 young people attended the event which emphasized the value of chastity and the principles of pro-life advocacy.

First of all, the whole conference began with a 1-hour Holy Mass. It was celebrated by Pampanga Archbishop Paciano Aniceto and San Fernando Auxillary Bishop Roberto Mallari. After this, the program proceeded with the talk of Mr. Jason Evert. His lecture dealt with the different kinds of teenager issues such as the practice of chastity and the problems of unnatural sexual activities. Moreover, he also criticized the infamous RH Bill. At the latter part of the program, Mr. Ed Sorreta of Pro-life Philippines supported the talk of Mr. Jason Evert.

In the end, the big event became productive and successful. Many people went to the conference and they learned many things from Mr. Jason Evert. One proof of this was the great response from the audience. According to Chris Tiu, “it was a truly inspiring talk, with a good combination of humor and wit. His stories were very touching and meaningful. I wasn't surprised to see a number of people crying as he was speaking”. Aside from this, many UA&P students volunteered for this project. The spirit of Unitas was very alive during the event and it really helped the CATALYST in its trailblazing task.

December 16-17, 2010
CHRISTMAS CAROLING                                                                                                     

November 4-11, 2010
HOUSING PROJECT IN BULACAN WITH 11 CANADIANS                                              

September 18, 2010
JOURNALISM SEMINAR FOR 250 STUDENTS OF MUNTINLUPA                                  

This journalism seminar mainly targeted top high school students, and a few elementary students as well, from different schools in Muntinlupa City. It was an attempt to expose these students to what real journalism is about—it not being a fictitious form of writing, but one that is filed up with facts, facts, and facts: nothing more, nothing less.

The seminar was held in UA&P’s Li Seng Giap Auditorium last 18th of September 2010, and was organized by Catalyst, an organization from the said school. Different respectable speakers were invited to participate and some of them are: Mr. Edwin Lopez (the EWTN Head for Asia Pacific), Mr. Jason de Villa (Integrated Marketing Communications Professor in UA&P), Mr. Mann Rentoy (Catalyst Moderator and English Professor in UA&P), and of course, Mr. Mike Enriquez of GMA Network. These speakers talked about responsible journalism, producing award-winning newsletters, using media to change the society, and gave workshops as well about news writing, lay-outing, copy-reading, and feature writing.

All throughout the event, the students were seen having fun with all the activities that they have taken part in. How could one say so? Just by the look on each of their faces, one can see the enjoyment and overwhelming feeling that these students have been experiencing during that time—the smiles on their lips, the twinkle in their eyes, the sense of curiosity in their wondering eyebrows: each and every aspect of their faces revealed their anxiety, their exhilaration, their thirst for knowledge. And the Catalyst of UA&P worked their hardest and gave out their best to make sure that they, with the help of the speakers and volunteers, could quench this thirst. At the end of the day, one can say that they did. They have fed these students with information, facts, tips, and other things that might be useful for them in the near future, with regards to writing journalism. One could tell that the seminar was indeed a thirst-quencher, not just because of the fact that they have taught these students a lot about journalism, but also because as these students were leaving, the laughs, the chattering, the smiles—they were all signs leading to the conclusion that the seminar was indeed successful.

August 6, 2010

July 31, 2010
MEDICAL MISSION FOR AUXILIARY, STAFF, FAMILIES  2010                                    

July 28, 2010